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Helpful S&%@

We leave tomorrow for New York City (my 7-year-old is all fancy pants now because he qualified to race his Pinewood Derby car in the World Championship, so we're all hauling ourselves up there to cheer him on), and then we've only got about an 18 hour turnaround before we leave on The Trip To Everywhere™, so I better get this out while I can still breathe.

I'm about to be hauling myself by car 6,000 miles around the country with two kids, so I should be an EXPERT at how to do this crap and retain sanity by the time we get home.  Maybe I should wait and post this then.  BUT NO.  I'm going to do a sanctimonious pre-trip post about all the useful things I have at hand to make this trip a success while traveling with young kids now, because other people might be traveling for the summer as well and find something useful here, and by the time we get back in August it'll be too late.  Y'all can just remind me of all my smug plans later when I return home with my hair…

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