Cast of Characters

The 8-year-old.  He's my negotiating, enthusiastic, friendly-to-a-fault,
spastic, skeptical, car guy-slash-science geek.

The 5-year-old.  He's my cranky, strong willed, big loving, half-feral,
cuddly-when-he-wants-to-be-kind-of-like-a-cat, unbreakable little Batman enthusiast.

The dog.  He's 12 years old, sleeps 23 and a half hours a day (unless it's a snow day, and then he
goes to crazy town), and puts up with a lot of crap from the kids.  Mostly because they slip him food.

 ***Cotton, our pupper, passed away in June of 2017. 
There are no words for how much we loved and will miss him.***

The husband.  He's my big, strapping, patient, laid back engineer. 
He definitely does not get paid enough for putting up with the rest of us.

The cat, our newest rescue.  She's 2 years old and basically in charge of everything.


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